Antonio López Herreros

Autor y Jurista de Propiedad Intelectual

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An actor by vocation, creative by nature, an expert on the rules of intellectual property and a lifelong musician, this Albacete native epitomizes what the twenty-first century is: communication, semantic and image. Antonio started in TVE as an actor and continues his love for the dramatic art through numerous videos that have gained widespread popularity via the internet. Most recently, Antonio has explored the other side of the camera by filming, producing and editing “iReports” videos shot entirely with an iPhone for the highly acclaimed American television channel CNN. Antonio’s videos have been viewed by thousands of viewers and cover a variety of subject matters including “Today’s Girls,” “Scorpios Window,” and “Las Fallas.” Antonio’s work earned him the “iReporter superstar¨ recognition for his artistic contributions to this genre. Antonio is also an accomplished pianist and composer (The Song Of The Universe, 21 De Enero, The Living Garden). He is the Founder and Creator of “El Rey de Internet” and “Los Angeles de la Música” which promotes careers and musical creations with the collaboration of the world-renowned starmaker Miguel Angel Arenas, “El Capi.” Antonio holds a Master in Intellectual Property, Industrial and Entertainment Law by various universities and business schools and is the author of the best selling book “PI: The Password” the first children’s book on intellectual property. Antonio continues to write on current trends in technology law through “BlogdePi” where he writes about opyright, patents, trademarks and other legal trends. In 2013 Antonio was selected to represent Spain as one of the nine young entrepreneurs in the world the inaugural “Legal Bridge to Silicon Valley” held in San Francisco, California. Through this unique program, Antonio established extensive relationships in the US allowing him to develop new, collaborative, trans-atlantic projects related to technology, entertainment and intellectual property. Antonio currently resides in Madrid, Spain.